Metropolis Magazine, April/2014
To Reach by artist Hongsock Lee on the roof of the Vilcek Foundation in New York City. The piece was commissioned by the foundation in 2008.



Vilcek Foundation Debuts Hongsock Lee Sculpture
NEW YORK - South Korean-born sculptor and jewelry designer Hongsock Lee has designed a three-part sculpture for permanent installation on the rooftop terrace at the Vilcek Foundation¡¯s new headquarters, 167 East 73rd Street. Lee traveled from his home in Providence, R.I., to place the pieces. The public unveiling will follow in November to coincide with an important Foundation program, ¡°American Immigrant Filmmakers on Profile.¡± Awarding the commission to Mr. Lee is in keeping with the mission of the Foundation to heighten public awareness of the contributions of immigrants to the sciences, arts and culture in the United States.
The three sculptures comprising ¡°Complementary Geometry¡± are fabricated of 10-gauge mild steel (1/8-inch) using Tig welding and colored with a powder coating. Lee says he chose to produce three sculptures because ¡°the number three is the most beautiful and important number, indicating our past, present and future.¡± He added, ¡°Art has the potential to inspire emotions. I want to create art that speaks to all people.¡±